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Print Posted on 04/27/2017 in Category 1

Vespa Primavera 125

Vespa Primavera 125

Vespa is a global icon of urban mobility and the Primavera 125 has played a big part in the Italian company's history. Originally launching in 1968 that name has made a return in 2014, offering fun affordable and stylish transport for a cosmopolitan commuter and it's available in learner legal flavors of 50cc as well as 125cc.

Vespas have always been very elegant little bikes, the Primavera is no exception borrowing some styling cues: from the flagship Vespa 946 albeit with some added practicality and comfort that you'd expect with a daily rider, it still uses those traditional design elements of curved front shield and skinny tie graphic though a daytime running LED lights. The LED tail light and even the digital information on the dash like a clock in a fuel gauge are some small nods to modernity the seat is very skinny so it helps you get on the bike and off it very easily. The floorboards are similarly slimline which helps most riders get both feet flat on the floor to aid maneuverability. Storage is good too you've got a decent glovebox up front for your wallet in your keys under seat storage for a full face helmet with a basic toolkit. While these dedicated rear foot pegs are great when you're taking on a pillion mechanically.

Speaking this Primavera uses Vespa's well-trusted 120 4.5 CC 3 valve units that develop just shy of 11 brake horsepower and produces a faintly ridiculous fuel consumption figure of 110 miles per gallon There is also a traditional front disc rear drum set up. If you take a closer look at this front single thought you'll spot a hanging pin which offers both transverse and longitudinal suspension movement and that really helps rider comfort the compact dimensions of the front of error and the sheer effortlessness of this twisting go performance make it such a brilliant urban commuter.

Depends on your mood, you can go cruising through traffic soak up all the scenery and enjoy all the compliments that this brings and other times you can be as cheeky as you like to dodge it and die through the traffic. Nobody bats an eyelid granted you're not going to be set in any world speed records on this thing, but still, the 125cc engine is more than up for the task gives you plenty of grunt for the town centers, so it just gives you the confidence you need to get by nice bike.

If you've got a bit of dual carriageway on your commute to work as well you'll also be pleased to hear that the Primavera will top out at 70 miles an hour so you've got nothing to fear.

Their lots of scooters can be a functional, dependable and economical commuter but not many can do all of this while having the swagger and style of the Primavera. You're not just buying a bike here, you're buying a moving buzzing extension of the Vespa brand itself and in that respect, and the Primavera is in a league of one.

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